Why Are Nude Selfies So Popular?

In the world of social media, nude selfies are the latest rage. With so many people having smartphones that come equipped with high quality cameras, taking your own pictures is easy. Somewhere along the line of taking selfies, a few decided to remove their clothing and thus the nude selfies era was born. Many give credit – if that is the proper word – to celebrities for the phenomenon. Celebrities are constantly posting nude selfies to their legions of fans via social media sites. Not to be undone, users follow the lead of their favorite celebs and also take nude selfies.

Years ago, before the Mobile era was around us, people shared letters, poems and other things with others as way to show love. These days, they are taking nude selfies to send to one another instead. One of the reasons nude selfies are so popular is because of how easy they are to take with a cell phone. In addition, they are part of the entire ‘sexting’ phenomenon. People who chat with others, send nude selfies as way to keep the other party interested. They also do it to get them aroused and show off their bodies. While smartphones are not the cause of nude selfies, they are the transmission. It’s via mobile devices and social media sites that millions of people share nude selfies. That makes sharing nude selfies so easy.
Exhibitionism has always been something many people enjoy in one form of another. Nude selfies allow the person to show their bodies to those they are in contact with. Sending photos fully clothed appears to not be enough for people once they get passed a certain point in a relationship. Especially when that relationship is built online via sexting and chatting.

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