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How Sex Pictures On Social Media Have Changed Porn

Viewing pornography has always been considered taboo or wrong. Most people that did it decades back, had to take every kind of precaution not to be caught. In the 50s, selling pornography or owning it could get you arrested in most states in the US or other countries. But, being able to watch porn GIFS, sex videos and free sex pics in the privacy of wherever you are, has changed the way we view porn. It has also changed the way society, as a whole, thinks of porn. That may explain why the number of people who view porn has increased as well. As the internet has grown, so has the number of sites that offer porn GIFS or sex pictures. In addition, you also have the explosion of smartphones and tablets usage. Today, 1 out of 4 people own a Mobile device of some type. That makes viewing sex pictures, porn GIF images or any type of porn, easier than ever. It is no wonder that over 43% of internet users view porn each day.

Social Media Sites Influence

Another reason why the number of people who view porn online has increased is because of society’s point of view on it. Decades ago, anyone who admitted to watching porn was considered a pervert or an outcast. Those that were caught, were also ostracized, ridiculed and even jailed. Fast forward to 2017 and the entire view on porn has changed. While most still consider it wrong or immoral, a growing number see it as entertainment. Sex pictures are found on the internet with easy and in unlimited amounts. The same goes for animated porn GIFS images or sex videos.

One of the things which helped make pornography more acceptable has been social media. Sites such as Twitter and Tumblr are major distribution outlets for pornography material. Users Tweet or make blog post of all kinds of sex pictures each day. In other sites such as Facebook, people post pornography as well. But, if someone reports it, you can get your page or account removed. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop many from doing it anyway.

Soft Side Of Sex Pictures

When most people used to think of porn, they thought of graphic and hardcore sexual acts. However, a softer side of pornography which has grown increasingly the past few years. The soft side of porn comes from sex pictures or sexy images being posted on social media sites. There are all kinds of sex pics being posted on social media sites that get passed the radar of what was once considered porn. The semi-nude or very sexy images are being shared by millions all over.

Celebrities have played a big part in the tidal wave of sex pics and soft porn GIFS images found on social media sites. Stars are constantly taking sexy pictures of themselves or ‘selfies’ and posting them on their accounts. Since many of the celebrities have millions of followers, the sex pics get shared instantly. That leads to the sex pictures instantly going viral. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and her siblings Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, are perfect examples. They lead the pack as far as celebrities who post sex pictures on social media.

The Porn GIFS Creators

Once celebrities or other people post racy, erotic or nude sex pics of famous people, the porn GIFS creators go to work. These are people who take celebrity sex tapes, sex videos or sex pictures and turn them into porn GIFS animated images. They then turn around and post them online so others can share them. Unlike a video, a porn GIF is easier to create and upload and share. In addition, you can pack more than sex pics into one porn GIF image. Instead of users having to browse or click sex picture by picture, they get them all in one place. Plus, porn GIFS allow movement which are much better since they are life-like.

Porn GIF creators also help to spread sex pictures a lot faster. A vast majority of users may not have ever seen a sex pic of someone famous until they run into a porn GIF image online. In the end, the way we view and think of porn has changed dramatically. The reasons behind them are several, not just one. Porn GIFS images and sex pics are now part of social media. Whether some like it or not.